Inbound Freight Control and Visibility

With Zendeq you can now also control and gain visibility over your inbound freight.

Simply invite your overseas Vendors and Manufacturers to sign up to Zendeq and start collaborating with them them on your inbound freight. As your Vendors typically book your freight, you can now take matters into your own control. Your Vendors still book the freight, only with you being more closely involved.

Your vendors can share the shipment details, like ETD, ETA, ASN’s, Delivery Note’s, Tracking link, IMO Number, Container Number, Flight Numbers and other relevant data with you so you will have a better visibility. At the same time your Vendors are asked to share the freight cost. Your will have the opportunity to even benchmark these directly with some carriers.forwarders, or approve the freight quote provided by your Vendor.

By using Zendeq to manage this process you will gain more control over your inbound freight cost, you gain more control over the process and you will gain more visibilty over your inbound freight as well.

How it works, see attached presentation.

Zendeq How it Works_ Inbound Control & Visibility (2)

Inbound freight control and visibility
Inbound freight control and visibility

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