Resilient, Digital and Sustainable freight sourcing and procurement

Create your sustainable competitive advantage today!

In order to remain valid and benefit from a sustainable competitive advantage, your company has to focus on digital transformation, sustainability and resilience.
This means, for instance that you always need to find ways to minimize disruption and adapt quickly to change. This relates directly to become digital and at the same time ensure resilience. These all go hand in hand.
Clearly this strategic change does not happen overnight. This is a journey.
You can start by looking at the low hanging fruit. Take for example the way you deal with freight, your related supplier base and the way you source and buy your freight, transport and warehousing services.

There are simple digital solutions available in the market to immediately benefit from and which ensure a digital, sustainable and resilient way to source en buy your freight, transport and warehousing services, supporting your company to deal with increased uncertainty and market volatility. This ability to respond effectively to ambiguity and unpredictability will be a critical advantage.

If you want to learn how Zendeq enables the above, sign up for free to our freight quote, spot bidding and LSP sourcing platform at and start creating your competitive advantage.

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