Solutions for your freight and warehouse sourcing challenges

Digital freight and warehouse sourcing innovation!

Sourcing for freight and warehousing services is becoming more and more difficult.

Imagine you are a start-up, scale-up or a small- medium or mid sized company operating in the US, Asia, Oceania,  Brazil, China, India, Japan or anywhere else, and you want to expand your business activities to Europe, or the other way around.

There are of course the obvious suspects to reach out to, but are they the right match to your needs and are they interested in doing business with you? You might be too small for them and even if they onboard you, will you get the attention that you need and deserve?

The challenge is often to find the service providers in the tiers below the obvious suspects, but these are hard to find, especially when you are not that familiar with the Service Providers (carriers for sea, air and road freight, and the warehousing service providers) available in the market or region you want enter into.

Most likely you will recognize below top challenges faced when you are looking for freight and/or warehousing services:

  • Lack of market knowledge (who and what to ask for)
  • Freight pricing volatility
  • Opening up new sales channels
  • Entering new countries or regions
  • Projects and One-off shipments
  • Freight capacity constraints
  • Freight availability constraints
  • Warehousing space constraints
  • New freight trade-lanes
  • Unexpected volume fluctuations
  • Modality shift
  • Special Services request
  • Change in demand
  • Gathering benchmark data
  • Contract expiration
  • Balancing between speed, lead times, transit times and costs.
  • No contract rates available for service required
  • (temporary) performance issues with incumbent carrier or warehouse provider
  • New, increased and/or changed service requirements
  • Time consuming manual qualification and approval process
  • No control and transparency as current process is email based
  • Biased internal decision making
  • Current process not compliant with internal sourcing procedure, ie need to benchmark.

Zendeq is a digital leader in Supply Chain, Shipping and Freight Tech solutions.

We deliver you a Platform as a Service that allows you being more agile in your transport, freight and warehouse sourcing, quoting and spot bidding processes. This is done by digitizing the processes, provide control and transparency and by disintermediation. The results are, improved margins, decreased cost (up to 20% savings on freight costs) and improved quality.

Solutions for your freight and warehouse sourcing challenges:

Zendeq offers an application Platform as a Service facilitating eSourcing, eQuoting, Spot Bidding, and eBuying processes for transport, freight and warehousing services. With this Zendeq ensures a qualified digital matching between Shippers and Service Providers increasing the transparency and time required for a successful agile process. Also freight exchange amongst Service Providers is digitally supported via the eQuote and Spot Bidding process.

Your result

Shippers and Service Providers are matched qualitatively by which we ensure the best possible match between parties. The Shippers benefit by saving time and money in sourcing and screening the market for the right Service Provider. The Service Providers save time and money on expensive sales processes and will only be invited to relevant projects and/or requests. We support you by eliminating waste during the eSourcing, eQuoting, Spot Bidding, eBuying and eSales cycles. The processes are fully digitally supported and so the typical brokerage function of most platforms and related costs are eliminated as well.

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