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Our Zendeq Freight Quote tool briefly explained.

Our Freight quote tool is a Platform as a Service that helps you to structure the information that is needed to be shared with carriers to obtain a good, reliable and complete quote. The principle is based upon garbage in = garbage out. To ensure the quality of the offers received is as high as possible the Zendeq Freight Quote tool focusses on the following key characteristics:

  1. Ensure High quality and complete data input, by digitizing the process of collecting and sharing the required information.
  2. Only suggest suitable carriers that have capabilities matching your needs. You only engage with qualified parties.
  3. Digitize the process to eliminate waste. No more e-mail strings and phone calls by multiple people from your team with multiple carriers about the same request.
  4. Digitize the process to provide transparancy within your team and amongst people that are frequently dealing with quote requests
  5. Digitize the process to ensure a harmonized, standardized and simplified freight quote request process.
  6. An inclusive message board to handle and capture all commucation between parties around a specific shipment.

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