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What is the Zendeq Value Add

At Zendeq we believe in transparancy, therefore we make it very visible to you what the Zendeq Value Add is too you as User. This makes it very easy to view to which extend you benefit. How we do that, very simple. We track the number of inquiries that you have received. These are essentially […]

I have applied for a Registration but never received a confirmation and/or login credentials

After you have applied or signed-up for a Zendeq Account, you will receive a confimation of your request via email. In case you have not received this, check your spam folder. If you have not received this at all, please contact is via mail: support@zendeq.com It will take around max. 48hours to process your request. […]

Zendeq First Release MVP

Zendeq has launched is first release of its application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) as an so called MVP. An MVP means a Minimal Viable Product. This is a working software solution with the minimal features required. Meaning everything works, but it might no be ideal yet. Features might be missing or are not extremely […]

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