CEIV Fresh

The Transport of perishable goods by air increases constantly with growing consumer demand for healthy products all year round. The most important aspects of air Transportation of perishables are time and temperature management to prevent food loss. The aviation industry has voiced concerns over the lack of standardized procedures and best practices. This is the purpose of the CEIV Fresh program. It provides organizations with the opportunity to become a center of excellence for perishable logistics. When becoming CEIV Fresh-certified you;
  • Elevate staff competency through efficient and robust training programs
  • Ensure food safety and prevent food waste along the supply chain
  • Reduce food loss and waste through appropriate quality and risk management
  • Enable increased collaboration amongst stakeholders and certified trade lanes
  • Promote a uniform approach in a multimodal environment for the Transportation of perishable products
  • Reinforce trust through transparency and communication
The key objectives that arise in perishable logistics throughout an organization are as follow:
  • Raise awareness on existing standards and develop new requirements;
  • Enhance professionalism in the industry as well as quality services
  • Consider the aspect of sustainability and getting the message across to consumers.
  • Ensure overall food safety and reductions of loss of products in the air industry
  • Streamline companies’ own processes in the different special cargo area.

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