CEIV Live Animals

Animal Transportation by air is considered to be the most humane and expedient method of Transportation over long distances. However, it doesn't come without its challenges which are due to the very specific requirements that supply chain stakeholders need to abide by to ensure animal safety and welfare while being transported by air. The industry has voiced concerns over non-compliance with handling and Transport practices, along with the need to reinforce training requirements and create visibility for best players who adhere to regulations. Not following requirements can lead to consequences such as additional stress, injury and even death of animals. Driven by industry standards, the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) for Live Animals Logistics establishes baseline standards to improve the level of competency, infrastructure and quality management in the handling and Transportation of live animals throughout the supply chain. Organizations that undergo training, an assessment and validation requirements are granted a certificate issued by IATA and are listed in a registry on the IATA webpage upon successful completion and compliance with the program standards. Key Benefits:
  • Improve animal welfare and safety through appropriate quality and risk management
  • Enhance standardization and professionalism in the handling and Transportation of live animals in a multimodal environment
  • Enforce compliance with the Live Animal Regulations (LAR)
  • Elevate staff competency through efficient and robust training programs
  • Enable increased collaboration amongst stakeholders and certified trade lanes

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