DDP, Delivered Duty Paid

DDP, Delivered Duty Paid (Insert place of destination) is an IncoTerm whereby the seller responsible is for the entire Transport process, including the payment of import duties. Delivery Duty Paid is basically the opposite of Ex Works: at EXW whereby the seller bears almost no risk while at DDP, he bears al the risks and responsibilities. The risks and responsibilities transfer from seller to buyer when the buyer literally receive the goods. Although DDP was initially not used very often for sea- and airfreight, it is becoming a more and more popular incoterm. Within road Transport DDP is already used quite often. Besides noting the place, it is advised to add the note “excl. VAT” to this incoterm. This is to prevent any arguments regarding the VAT payment at the entrance of the country of destination. The seller is namely in many cases not authorized to perform or organize a tax deduction. Source International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

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