FIATA multimodal Bill of Lading (FBL)

The FIATA Bill of Lading serves as a Shipping contract and a proof that the goods have been carried with the use of more than one mode of transportation. It also determines the responsibility of the freight forwarder. When issued “to order”, it is a title of the property of the goods so it can be negotiated. Unlike other Transport documents, the FBL does not identify any type of Transport as the principal, so the responsibility falls on the forwarding agent which acts as a carrier from the collection till the delivery of the goods, including the involvement of any third party. The forwarder agent identified as Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), shall be authorized by FIATA for doing multimodal transportation. In maritime Transport this document is only used for Full Containers Load (FCL), so that its use does not allow for groupage or bulking. This document is used only in international transactions in which the goods are carried in two or more modes of Transportation (multimodal). Also called Forwarder´s Bill of Lading and Multimodal Bill of Lading.

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