LoLo Ships (Load On – Load Off Cargoes)

LoLo stands for LIFT-ON/LIFT-OFF or Load On – Load Off and describes cargo ships with on-board cranes to load and unload cargo. However, these ships can be termed as geared vessels, because they have the cranes on the top. LoLo ships maintain vast amounts of space on top of the vessel (as well as on the ship deck), and space allows it to be altered to fit the needs of the Freight that is lifted on for transportation. These types of ships were very popular for decades and used to Transport cars from international locations. Both 20-foot containers and 40-foot containers can be shipped onboard. More importantly, shippers who have cargo that is too big for containers, such as a large car, can use a LoLo Vessel or Ship for transportation. Main advantages are both economic and ecological. In general, it is a less expensive system if it is included in a logistics chain that integrates rail Transport and supports the high-volume cargo.

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