Why Digital Freight Marketplaces matter now more than ever

You have probably heard the words “Digital Freight Marketplace,” or DFM, used across the freight, Transport and/or logistics industry. We like to tell you more on what makes a DFM different compared to a Digital Freight Brokerage, or an online brokerage that connects Freight shippers with carriers via apps and the internet – in most cases inefficiently. Digital Freight Marketplace (DFMs) are online platforms where shippers and carriers can bypass traditional brokerages and interact directly, posting or picking Freight that meet each other’s criteria. Brokers can create transactional and operational inefficiencies by sharing information between both parties in ways that benefit their own business first – this is rather typical in market fluctuations that occur in a cyclical manner. A DFM eliminates these inefficiencies mostly by offering a solution that exists in other industries today: a marketplace where buyers & sellers can interact directly. Utilizing a DFM is a great way for shippers and carriers to quickly expand the operating networks. For example, shippers can grow their base of carriers by shopping Freight out to DFM carriers in their market, while carriers can access a larger pool of available Freight to move thus potentially reducing backhauls. It’s a win-win. With a DFM like Zendeq, shippers & carriers get fast market pricing and direct access to capacity. A DFM can also take the burden of having to source and onboard new partners for shippers and carriers. Imagine trying to grow your network, Sourcing new partners and building those new relationships while managing your existing network. It’s a lot to juggle. The DFM handle the Sourcing process, authorizing and approving only users that meet specific standards. While it may seem convenient, turning Freight over to a traditional or digital broker takes control away from shippers, who ultimately end up paying for this convenience. Forfeiting this choice can cause shippers to miss out on new relationship-building opportunities and direct feedback from carriers along with financial benefits. Carriers face their own challenges. Obtaining qualified leads and quote requests, negotiating/sharing rates and communicating back and forth all eat up idle time that would be better spent on the road, making a profit. A DFM can be seen as an additional  and/or improved way of doing sales, Lead Generation and lead qualification. A DFM is can also be seen as an additional sales channel to carriers. A DFM is also a great communication channel. A DFM would therefore make an ideal sales channel via which carriers also exchange and share documents with shippers, make rates available, and communicate through integrated message boards. Zendeq is a platform built independently for shippers, with consideration for the wants and needs of carriers built right into the framework. It’s a space where shippers can post Freight and work directly with carriers for seamless connectivity. And it gives shippers the control to choose from a trusted network of carriers looking to haul their freight. For carriers, Zendeq creates efficiencies, eliminating the need to log into multiple portals to find their next job. There’s no haggling or back-and-forth – just a secure, direct link to multiple shippers located in one location & instant booking capabilities. It’s one-stop shopping with the confidence that carriers are getting the best price directly from the shipper. Join us and give it a try through our free trial at Zendeq.com

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